Laboratory of UW Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry, University of Washington Located at Bagley Hall on the interactive UW campus map. Chemistry Building and Chemistry Library are adjacent. The Department of Chemistry has 45 faculty who have received numerous awards from a wide variety of organizations. UW Chemistry plays leading roles in several campus research Centers & Institutes that support student research fellowships, travel awards, and world-class research facilities. Our department also has strong ties to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).

You can discover Lab Information including:

  1. Student Lab Account (login required)
  2. Student Lab Attire
  3. Lab Safety Protocols
  4. Lab Absences

Lab Safety Protocols:

  1. Cell phones and pagers may not be used while working in the undergraduate laboratories, to prevent any distractions from leading to mistakes or accidents.
  2. Head phones and earbuds may not be used while working in lab, as it is important that you can hear someone yell "watch out" or otherwise get your attention.
  3. Please use chemical experiment materials correctly, for example:
  4. Counter Tops in labs should remain clear of anything that is not required for the lab (laboratory equipment, lab manuals, lab notebooks, etc.).
  5. Laboratory Walkways should remain clear of any obstructions to avoid trips and falls, and to avoid accidental contamination.
  6. Chairs and Stools may not be used while lab work is in session, unless required for a special accommodation.